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Audition Information

Placement auditions for each year’s choirs are held the previous May.  These auditions do not result in students being “cut,” but rather to determine the best fit for each student.  Everyone has a place in the Tesoro choir program!

Students wishing to be in Men’s Choir (beginning men) or Concert Choir (beginning women) do not need to audition.  They can simply register for the class with their academic advisor.  For students who wish to audition for Vocal Ensemble (intermediate men/women), Advanced Women’s Ensemble (advanced) and Madrigals (advanced men/women), they must go through the May audition.

Typically, this audition consists of some vocal scales to determine vocal range and quality, an a cappella rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner until the word “gleaming” in a key of your choice, three tonal memory exercises (Mr. Hancock plays five notes and you echo the notes back), and a four-measure sight-singing exercise (music reading). However, due to the pandemic this year, auditions will be slightly changed.  They will be held “virtually” between May 4-8, 2020, and there will be no sight reading or tonal memory in the first audition.  There might be some required at a callback, however. To get all the necessary information using your capousd.org google account, login to the tryout google classroom using the code jksrki3.  If you have problems logging in or if you have any questions, contact Mr. Hancock ASAP for information at kghancock@capousd.org.  See our links page for some resources to help you with your audition.  If you missed the May audition and would still like to audition, send him an email.